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Shymanski Genealogy Research

Research Services

Book a consultation time to  discuss your genealogy research needs. Consultations will be done by phone. 

This initial meeting for up to 30 minutes, is free. 

What is included 
My research services include:

  • a complete written report of what was found
  • an analysis of each document that is found
  • a list of all the records that were searched
  • a copy of every record that is retrieved
  • a list of all the sources searched

Research Fees 

Flat Rate

You can hire me at an hourly rate. We will agree on how many hours before the work begins. The minimum number of hours is 5.

My rates are $60.00/hr

You can purchase research packages. Research packages must be paid in full before I begin. Any unused portions can be applied to another search – like a retainer.

10 hours   $560.00

20 hours   $1100.00


Research packages are paid up front. For hourly research, I ask for 50% payment up front.  The last 50% is expected when the research is completed. I will begin researching once the initial payment is received.
You can pay either by e-transfer or cheque.

*Note: I will do my best to research all reasonably found sources but some searches may lead to unexpected results or no results at all. Cost applies to all research done regardless of the outcome.

Book a consultation to discuss your research needs.