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Shymanski Genealogy Research

About Me

Education and Training

  • Bachelor of Arts in History (Lakehead University)
  • Professional Learning Certificate in Genealogical Studies – Canadian Research – (National Institute for Genealogy Studies) 40 courses
  • Continuous learning from online webinars and conferences
  • Researching my ancestors for 40 years

These courses taught me which records to research to find the correct information, how to analyze those records to determine if they pertain to the people I am researching, and recording the information along with the sources.

My education, the coursework I completed, client work, and personal research give me the skills and knowledge to research your ancestors.

My childhood was filled with family; aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandmas – even a great-great aunt and uncle – were in my life, providing cookies, hugs, and a watchful eye.

This was the beginning of my desire to connect with the past and discover their stories. By researching them I experience those warm, comfy feelings of childhood again. It was a natural to want to learn their stories and  to tell them.

I am active in the genealogy world in Calgary, Alberta – facilitating a Genealogy Group at the public library, assisting others at as a family history consultant at the Family History Centre and volunteering with the Alberta Family Histories Society.

I escape the city and go to the mountains to relax. I love hiking, camping, and snowshoeing with my husband.