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Do you have a desire to know who your ancestors are, where they came from and what their life was like? It’s natural to want to know where we came from. 

You may not have the time or desire to research your genealogy. Hiring a professional genealogist is an option. A professional knows where to efficiently and thoroughly search for your ancestors. At Shymanski Genealogy Research, I can uncover the story of your family. 

I offer a free consultation service – up to 30 minutes to get the details you already know and discuss options for researching your family. 


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Wow!!! Just wow!  Great job Tara!  I am so glad my mother is still alive to read this. She will be as thrilled as am I. It is all so interesting! I’m sure my great grandfather would be honoured that we are reading about him and his life’s journey. It makes a trip to Sweden that much more appealing now!
Shannon – Winnipeg, MB

Wow what a find, you are a Rock Star! I will start looking at it in depth but as it looks now it is exactly what I was wanting.
Don – Calgary

This is wonderful, Tara, and gives many leads…. You have opened up trails that I can now pursue with confidence.   At last, all the years of fruitless searching have come to an end. I cannot possibly thank you enough for your professional searching and reporting.
Mary – Vancouver Island

About Me

I am Tara Shymanski, a genealogy professional with 20 years of research experience. I specialize in Canadian records.

Education and Training

  • Bachelor of Arts in History
  • Professional Learning Certificate in Genealogical Studies from the National Institute for Genealogy Studies (40 courses)
  • Continuous learning from online webinars and at conferences
  • I have researched my ancestors for 40 years