Shymanski Genealogy Research

digging up your roots

Shymanski Genealogy Research

Shymanski Genealogy Research

Connecting you to your ancestors – digging into your roots and learning who and where you came from is what genealogy is about.

Digging up your roots is my specialty

Don’t have the time or knowledge to research – hire me to find your ancestors.

About me

I am convinced that the security and warmth created by my extended family is the reason I do genealogy. My childhood  was filled with family;  aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandma’s – even a great-great aunt and uncle – were in my life, providing cookies, hugs, and a watchful eye.

This was the beginning of my desire to connect with the past and discover the stories of my  relatives. By researching them I experience those warm, comfy feelings again. It was a natural evolution to learn their stories and want to tell them. 

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