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More DNA success

 DNA has connected me with a few distant relatives who have generously shared documents, and photos of relatives I knew. It’s so exciting to receive this information. In my last post I mentioned meeting a descendant of my great-grandfather Searle’s oldest sister, Bessie. This week I received pictures from her of my Great Grandparents and my Gramma Dunn when they were younger. How cool is that!

 The upper left picture is my great grandfather and great grandmother, William Searles and Elizabeth Searles (nee John); Edward John Drake and Elizabeth “Bessie” Drake (nee Searles), she is Grandad Searles oldest sister; my grandmother Gwen Dunn (nee Searles)

The lower left picture is another one of my Grandma Dunn when she was younger, with Reg Drake. Reg is Bessie’s youngest son and Grandma Dunn with Ken McLeod, son of Bessie’s daughter.

Thank you Joan for sending the pictures to me. I love seeing pictures of my grandmother when she was a child.

My favourite photograph

Henry, Joan pregnant with Tara, Willie as baby

My first thought when I saw this picture was “where am I”. There’s Mom and Dad, Gramma and Granddad Dunn and my older brother Willie. Then I realized Mom was wearing one of her maternity smocks (that’s what they wore when they were pregnant in the 1960’s). She was expecting! Over the next 11 years this would be a very normal state for her. The picture was developed in June 1960 so she’s pregnant with ME. This is the earliest picture my parents have of me. Tee hee.