Ontario Research

Some records for researching in Ontario

Birth, Marriage and Death in Ontario
View microfilm interloans to see what you can order in to a nearby library
Archives of Ontario_Vital Statistics
Archives of Ontario Microfilm Interloan

Other Sources
Reid, William D, Marriage Notices of Ontario (1813-1854)
Wilson, Thomas B, Ontario Marriage Notices 1830-1856
United Church Archives and other church archives (see Archives of Ontario for list)
Wesleyan Methodist Baptismal Register
District Marriage Registers at AO
Ontario County Marriage Registers

Census Records
Library and Archives Canada
Automated Genealogy
Familysearch.org (indexed only)

Municipal Records
Ontario Municipal Records

Land Records
Ontario Land Records Index (a listing of original owners. Check to see where available in your area.)
Ontario County Land Registry Offices   (you can visit in person)
Familysearch.org (order in microfilm under catalogue, use county name, land and property, Abstract Indexes and then General Registers

Probate Records and Estate Files
Archives of Ontario Probate Records

Other Records
You can google the following topics:
Tweedsmuir histories
Other written local histories
Local museums, libraries, archives, or historical societies
Genealogy or family history societies in the area