Canadian Newspapers

Newspapers can be a great source for genealogists. They sometimes having birth, marriage and death notices. They can also give information on what’s happening in the area giving you a glimpse at your ancestor’s life.

Newspapers can be hard to find. Here are some links to help you find Canadian Newspapers. You may be able to order a microfilmed copy of the newspaper  from Library and Archives Canada through Interlibrary Loan if you find an ancestor in an index.

Holdings in Library and Archives Canada

 Our Ontario

Newspapers in Google

Brantford Expositor (Index only)

Halton Historical Newspaper

Huron County Newspapers

Ingersoll Newspapers (birth, marriage and death index)

Lanark County Newspaper Clippings

Newmarket (index only)

Niagara Falls (index with some articles)

Ottawa Newspapers

Peel Region (1976, 1978 to present)

Pickering-Ajax (begins 1985)

St. Catharines (index only)

Toronto Star and Globe and Mail (available at many Canadian libraries with a library card)

Waterloo (some transcriptions of early newspaper bmd)

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