Slow Genealogy
We sometimes miss key bits of information in documents in our rush to find more records. Slow Genealogy is an approach to methodically and thoroughly organize and carry out research. Following this method results in more accurate family history and may take us back another generation.

Finding Ancestor Origins in Canadian Records
Where did your ancestors come from? You found them in Canada but can’t discover where they emigrated from. This information packed presentation will help researchers break through brick walls by looking at usual and unusual Canadian resources.

Digging in Dirt, Canadian Land Records
Land records – you never know what you’ll find in them. Kept from the beginning of settlement in Canada, many of these records still survive. Digging in Dirt will inspire you to look at these documents; show you where to find them and what genealogical information they may contain.

Clues in Census Records
Census records reveal our ancestors’ lives. They tell us where they lived and can indicate when births, marriages or deaths occurred. These records, which began in 1666 in Canada, are the beginning point for many researchers. Learn where to find them (all of them), and how to organize and analyze the information you find.

Fun with Family History
Wouldn’t it be great if your family would listen to stories of their ancestors. Unfortunately, most relatives aren’t interested but there are fun ways to teach your grandchildren, nieces and nephews about the ancestors you know so well. This presentation looks at computer-based and traditional ways to involve younger generations in family history.

Facebook is Scary
Social media can be intimidating for some of us, but the lure of connecting online with living relatives is tempting. Learn the value of social media from a technophobe, who can teach you to understand what social media is, what is available, and what a great tool it is for family historians.

Researching in Canada
This information packed presentation guides researchers through internet sources available for research in Canada. We”ll look at the Collections Canada website, different provincial archives, and ancestry and familysearch websites. Attendees will learn what is available on each of these websites and how to easily and quickly find the information they want.

Ontario Ancestors?
Many of us have ancestors who migrated west from Ontario. So what information is available to find them in this province? This presentation covers well-known sources as well as more obscure research information available. I’ll cover births, marriages and deaths, census record, wills, tax, and land records; even newspapers and where to find them.

What can I Possibly Find in Newspapers?
Old newspapers are fascinating to browse, made even more exciting when you find your ancestor mentioned. Newspapers reveal stories we might not know about our families. They give us a glimpse in history and how our ancestors were affected by it.  Find out why you want to look at newspapers, what information they contain and how to find the newspaper you want in this fun and informative presentation.

You Can Find Me Speaking Here
3rd Monday each month – Airdrie Public Library Genealogy Group Facilitator
February 11 –  Airdrie Public Library – Genealogy Basics Workshop
Feburary 25 – Alberta Family Histories Society –  Genealogy Basics Workshop
April 7 – Family History Fair 2018Digging up dirt, Canadian Land Records, Breaking Through Brick Walls
April 21 – Qualicum Beach Family History SocietyAll about Census Records, Exploring Canadian Records to find Ancestors
September 28 – 30 – Harvest your Family Tree, Kelowna – Slow Genealogy, Facebook is Scary

April 27 – Calgary Family History Centre; Digging in Dirt
September 23 – Alberta Family Histories Society FamilyRoots 2017; Canadian Census Records
October 26 – Calgary Family History Centre; Breaking Down Brick Walls
Dec 14 – Cochrane Public Library; Genealogy Basics

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