Weddings often take place in June. This year, 2020, with a pandemic spreading through the world, many ceremonies have been put on hold. I thought I would post a few wedding pictures of my direct line ancestors. Well, it turns out there are not very many of them put here. is what I have

The wedding of my mom and dad. They married on May 24, 1958. Mom was just 17 years old and dad was 22.

Front Row, left to right is my Uncle Tom, dad’s brother, Dad, Mom, unknown woman,
Back row, left to right, minister, Mom’s family, Granddad Walter Dunn, Grandma Gwen Dunn, and Uncle Jack

On Dad’s side there isn’t a picture of his parents wedding but is a photo of the wedding of his maternal grandparents, (James) Herbert Jerry and Margaret Electa Cranston. There wedding was in Margaret’s parents home on December 29, 1915 in Tilbury West, Essex County, Ontario.

There is even an announcement in the Leamington Post and News of their wedding.

There is also a wedding picture of my father’s paternal grandparents, Henry Alexander Miller and Margaret McCall.

Their wedding took place on on March 1, 1906 in Emo, Rainy River District, Ontario.

On my mother’s side I have a picture of the wedding of Gwyneth Searles to (David) Walter Dunn.

Gwen Searles is my grandmother, this is her second marriage. This wedding was on February 20, 1947 in Timmons, Ontario. She was divorced and remarried Walter who then adopted the 3 children from her first marriage.

Left to right
Jessica Dunn , Walter’s sister, Gwen, Walter, and Austin Walker, Jessie’s husband.

That’s all the the wedding pictures I have of my direct line ancestors. Maybe, there wasn’t money to spend on getting pictures taken.

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