Colourful Story from Wales

This story was repeated by Olwen who is the is the daughter of James (Jimmie) John. Jimmie is the brother of my great grandmother, Elizabeth Searles. It was written down by Olwen and a copy was given to my mother.  It tells us a bit of the culture of our Welsh ancestors.

Just a few memories

To: Dear Muriel (a daughter of Elizabeth and William Searles)
From: Olwen/XX
August 1973

Milford Haven is birthplace of 3g grandfather
Cottage in Milford Haven. In 1901 the family lived in Pearson Cottages in Glamorgan, Pembrokeshire, Wales. By 1911 they moved to Pil Miford Haven in the same area.

Only one story I ever recall my father [Jim John] telling us of his family. Your mother [Elizabeth Searles nee John] was working at a farm called “The Windmill Park”, and had come home to Pearston Cottage on her half day off work to see her parents. Apparently, the time slipped by, and she had left it a bit late in returning to her job, so it was arranged that my Dad [Jim John] was going to go along with her for company. The 2 1/2 miles were covered, I suppose, for it was a mistake to keep the gentry waiting! Your mother got into the house just in time.

Now Dad was left to come home alone, he must have been about 14 years old – for he had began his trade of a blacksmith anyway, and he started that when he was a boy of 13 with Arthur Oliver of Pearston.  The ruins of that shop is still there today.

Being a clever kid he reckon he could cut off easily a mile of that walk home by going across the fields. So up and over the hedge goes Jimmy and started off. He walked and walked and walked! And no nearer did he get to Pearston. The moon came out and the stars. Then he stood, and looked for the stars called The Plough. He followed the Plough and managed to get to the stile somewhere close to home and he was delighted, for by now he was afraid.

Dad said he was pisken led.

I can’t find that word in any of our dictionaries, it may be a local word but it meant that he was going round and round that same field in the same ring all the time. He walked miles that night. Pisken led

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