Dunn, Searles

Going to the chapel

Gramma Dunn;s weddingHere’s a picture from my Grandparent’s wedding. I’m not sure if they even married in a chapel, but my grandmother, Gwyneth (Gwen) Harrison nee Searles married Walter Dunn on February 20, 1947 in Timmons, Ontario.  This picture from the wedding shows that Walter’s sister, Jessie, and her husband,  Austin, attended the ceremony. You can see Gwen and Walter are holding hands in the wedding picture, if you look carefully.

This was Gwen’s second marriage. She married John Edward “Buster” Harrison about 1939 and divorced him shortly before her marriage to Walter. Buster and Gramma Dunn had 3 children and when the divorce went through Buster gave up his rights to the children and Walter adopted them.

I always thought of them as my “grumpy” grandparents and figured it was because they drank so much. But now I think it might have been because 8 kids invaded their house for a few days. I have a few good memories of them. One is gramma cooking hotdogs for us because my younger brother loved them so much. Another is of gramma coming to Lavallee to watch the us when Mom was in the hospital having another baby. And I remember granddad  teaching us how to make a rose out of playing cards.

Gramma and Granddad were married 40 years when Walter died. I asked Gramma why she loved granddad. She thought about it for a bit and said, “He made me laugh”.





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