Homestead – 52 Ancestors

I’ve never thought of any piece of land as the “old homestead” but members of our family did homestead. William Titchworth traveled to Kansas to homestead in 1863; the James Cranston homestead has been in the Cranston family since 1846; members of the Miller and Jerry families homestead in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Jerry, Herbert with gun and brothers Ed, Bert, Bill and parents
Robert and Sarah sitting, Herb holding gun, Ed, Bert, and Bill on the homestead in Crozier

The Jerry family also homesteaded in Crozier, Rainy River, Ontario. Dad says their property was the land across from  the current golf course in Crozier. The land documents say that Robert Jerry received land from the Rainy River Free Grant and Homestead Act. This act gave land to settlers as long as they made improvements. Robert and Sarah Harriet Jerry homesteaded on 162 acres on the North East of Section 29. He was given title to the land in October 1907. I found an older map of Crozier . For easy finding I drew a box around the land Robert, Edward, and James Herbert (granddad Jerry) owned.

By 1902, Robert and Harriet and 4 sons, William, Herbert, Edward, and Albert were living in Crozier. They built a log cabin and eventually the sons received homesteads in the area. In August 1917, Robert Jerry died leaving a widow and 5 heirs at law. There was no will but 2 witnesses stated that before passing away, Robert had said  Albert was to receive the homestead. Albert and his wife, Clara, lived with, tended the farm, and cared for Robert and Harriet as they aged. None of the siblings contest the verbal will. Albert had the farm until he sold it in 1943 to John George Bragg and Lucy Bragg. An interesting side note is that Norbert Bragg the man who drove most of us to school also owned this piece of land for a while.

Our Great-grandfather, James Herbert Jerry homesteaded the SE1/2 of Section 29. The family moved there permanently in 1929 after a stint in Saskatchewan and Southern Ontario. According to our Great-Aunt Jo, his daughter,

James Herbert Jerry home in CrozierThe homestead had a two room building with a garage on one side and a bachelor’s room on the other.  Dad had logged the land to build a bigger house but when he came back from the south the logs were gone.  He figured the neighbour had sold them.  So we lived in the little building with Dad turning the garage into a kitchen.

Descendants of the Jerry family still live in the Rainy River District.


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“Stories from Aunt Jo”; written memories from Josephine Beaton.


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