Traditionally, heirlooms are tangible items handed down from generation to generation. Using that definition, I don’t really have many heirlooms because most of the items I have were given to me because I do family history. I do however have many items that I treasure because of who gave them to me. Most of these items are displayed in my living room where I can view them easily.



I have this lovely cabinet that my Grandmother gave me. It’s so beautiful I figured it must be an heirloom, but no, Gramma’s ex-husband’s wife, gave it to her. An interesting story but not much history in it.





As a youth, I collected china dolls. My great-grandmother finally gave me two china dolls that I adored. I had to promise they would be safer before she gave them to me.  But I didn’t ask her where she got them or why they were precious to her. My mother gave me the bigger ones for my birthday.



I also have this jaunty cup from my grandmother, it’s a Royal Doulton something I always wanted but couldn’t afford. It’s not an elegant doll but precious all the same.




Lastly I have a cream and sugar bowl from the same great-grandmother. As you can see, the sugar bowl is VERY large. It’s from England or Wales. My mom told me that many teaspoons of sugar went into each cup of tea and she and her siblings got to eat the tea flavoured sugar dregs once the tea was gone.

I will pass these items down to my nieces and/or nephews if any of them wants to keep the tradition of passing down heirlooms.

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