Jerry, Miller

Gingersnaps made by Bethel Miller

I loved my Grandmother’s cooking. She made great perogies (no she wasn’t Polish or Ukrainian), creamed peas on toast and ginger snaps, my favourite cookie. Her food wasn’t fancy, but it was Gramma made, in other words delicious.  One thing she couldn’t make was pie crust which, much to my disappointment, is a gene I have inherited.

Gramma and Tara
Me with my Grandmother Miller

My Grandmother, Bethel Miller (nee Jerry) was born in Hawarden, Saskatchewan on 15 March 1917.  She lived through the depression and an alcoholic husband. With 8 children she had to learn how to cook cheap and filling  meals and she excelled at making them.

Gramma taught me to bake alongside her youngest daughter. Gingersnaps was one of the things we learned to make. I remember her telling us to mix the flour and lard so the lard was pea size and wondering if she meant big or little peas.

When I married and moved away, Gramma would mail me gingersnaps because she knew how much I loved them. When she found out my husband didn’t like them she sent thumbprint cookies for him.

My sisters carry on the tradition and make gingersnaps. But unlike Gramma, they don’t mail me any (hint, hint). I am including the recipe if you would like to try them. The recipe comes from a church fundraising cookbook, that is known as The Bluebook in our family. As you can see the recipe is well used.

Gingersnap recipe

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